NCEPU University Student Troupe

The Confucius Institute of UT and the Confucius Institute of WKU(Western Kentucky University) will host a live performance on Sunday, May 7th, by NCEPU University Student Troupe, a student performance group from North China Electric Power University. The event will begin at 2:00 p.m. at the James R. Cox Auditorium, the Alumni Memorial Bldg, 1408 Middle Dr, Knoxville.The event is free and open to the

The event is free and open to the public.


1.Classical dance (Group dance)

Length: 6’40’’

Dance leader: Wang Yue

Dancers: Pan Yue, Xie Shun, Liang Qinwen, Wang Yao, Wang Yihong, Li Lei, Lin Shuyan

Chinese dance is divided into two categories. One category is based upon the warrior exercises of Chinese warriors. The other is based on Confucian etiquette and ritual dances. The second form evolved over time to turn into today’s classical Chinese dance. Classical Chinese dance has three main components that the dancers focus on in their training. They are technical skill, form and bearing.

2.Pipa Solo: Ambush from Ten Sides

Length: 3’30’’

Performer: Fu Mengyao

This is a famous Chinese classical lute music whose composition describes the decisive battle in 202 B.C. between the two armies of Chu and Han. This piece gives an overall view of the battle, while “The King Doffs His Armor” focused on Xiang Yu and his defeat. Ambush from Ten Sides provides a vivid depiction, in the form of musical narrative, of the fierce and stirring scenes of the battle and the desolate and solemn scenes of the defeated Xiang Yu, and ends with the triumph of the victor.

3.Mongolian Dance Solo: Jixiang Tala

Length: 3’21’’

Performer: Sulun Duona

China has 56 ethnic groups, including Han and 55 minorities, one of which is Mongolian. Chinese Mongolian people live in the northern grasslands of China. Mongolian dance began as a ritual performance imitating the movement and manner of deities, mystical creatures and legendary heroes.

4.Duet: Horse Racing

Length: 2’30’’

Violin Performer: Duan Dexuan

Erhu Performer: Guo Yize

The Erhu is a two-stringed bowed Chinese musical instrument, more specifically a spike fiddle, which may also be called the Chinese violin. Horse racing is one of the most famous music played by Erhu.

5.Song: A wonderful Glass of Wine

Length: 4’12’’

Singer: Zou Lin    Dancer: Pan Yue, Xie Shun

This is a Chinese Uyghur folk song. Uyghur is an important Chinese ethnic group who mainly live in the northwest of China. They are very good at dancing and singing.

6.Folk Music Quintet: Jasmine


Violin Performer: Duan Dexuan

Bamboo Flute Performer: Zhao Jiaqi

Pipa Performer: Fu Mengyao

Erhu Performer: Guo Yize

Chung-hu Performer: Su Qun

Jasmine, in Chinese, Mo Li Hua, is a popular Chinese folk song. It has been used during events such as 2004 Summer Olympics, 2008 Summer Olympics and 2010 Shanghai Expo opening ceremony. This performance is played by five performers with four traditional instrument and western instrument violin.

7.Song: Father’s Grassland and Mother’s River

Length: 5’23’’

Singer: Wu Lewei      Dancer: Sulun Duona

This is a Chinese Mongolian folk song. It expresses people’s love of Inner Mongolia steppe, especially the grasslands and rivers.

8.Flute Solo: The Song of Herdsmen

Length: 4’48’’

Performer: Zhao Jiaqi

This flute song was created to praise the beautiful view of Mongolian grassland. It used to be awarded as one of the Top 10 Chinese folk music.

9.Peking Opera: Bao Longtu waiting at Kaifeng Court

Length: 5’55’’

Performer: Zhang Yandong

This is a famous selection of Peking Opera. It tells a story that Bao Zheng, a government officer in Song Dynasty, demonstrated extreme honesty and uprightness, with actions punishing emperor’s son-in-law.

10.Martial Arts: Chinese Martial Arts Weapons Show

Performer: Liu Jianjun, Zhang Hao

Chinese martial arts, namely, Kung Fu or Wu Shu, are the several hundred fighting styles that have developed over the centuries in China. Most styles also make use of training in the broad arsenal of Chinese weapons for conditioning the body as well as coordination and strategy drills. The basic theory for weapons training is to consider the weapon as an extension of the body. The process of weapon training proceeds with forms, forms with partners and then applications.

11.Chinese Han and Tang Dynasty Folk Dance: Flying and Dancing Phoenix Length: 4’49’’

Dancers: Pan Yue, Xie Shun, Liang Qinwen, Wang Yao, Wang Yihong, Li Lei, Lin Shuyan

This is a popular Chinese folk dance. The performers wear traditional costumes in Han and Tang dynasty.

12.Song: Share Happiness Length: 4’54’’

Singers: Wang Xinjun, Zou LinThis is a Chinese popular song, which expresses that friends share happiness.

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